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Listening to the needs of churches for over 103 years Church Budget Envelope and Mailing Company opened a new division called electronic giving (myEoffering). Church Budget Envelope and Mailing Company garnered a reputation amongst churches worldwide for providing the most value in the offering envelope industry. The IT team at Church Budget Envelope and Mailing Company developed their newest service called myEoffering. CBEMC understood the value of what an electronic giving service would provide their churches already receiving offering envelopes. The mission to effectively provide electronic services set myEoffering on a path of writing the software, creating strategic relationships and supporting customers' daily use.

Church Budget Envelope & Mailing Company

myEoffering feels their 103 years servicing the avenue of income for churches has led them to creating the most cost effective and well supported product in the market today. The philosophy at myEoffering is to effectively introduce electronic giving by showing what role it plays in today's society and how we feel it will be used in the future. Our expert team designed the system, so we feel confident when you contact our support team your concern will be handled quickly and correctly. myEoffering has effectively positioned themselves to provide the service, market the service to donors and support the service!

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Why should you use myEoffering?

1.) Already Online

According to internetworldstats.com,
here are some stats about internet and online usage:

As of June 30, 2012

Total number of worldwide internet users2,405,518,376

Total Number of North American internet users - 273,785,413

% of Catholic households w/ internet access - 70.3%

% of North American Population Online - 78.6%

As you can see many donors are already online. Since they are already online, more than likely they are knowledgeable and experienced with using services, purchasing products or performing tasks online. myEoffering is designed for churches looking to provide the opportunity for membership to give online. myEoffering does not charge a monthly fee. Monthly fees absorb much of the contribution amounts which initially makes the service unaffordable. A limited number of participants cannot sustain large monthly fees when a small amount opts to participate. Depending upon the method you choose to make myEoffering available to members, ordinarily sign up starts out slow and continues to grow through time.

myEoffering is the only electronic giving service available that offers sign up when the annual census data and the donor profile is completed. myEoffering understands giving and the value in marketing the second collections to membership.

2.) Largest Platform to Give

Understanding effective tithing methods and collection options churches select, myEoffering is designed to reach out to membership each time a second collection is required. Since financial institutions do not understand the church's collection schedule and collection needs, they simply provide the avenue to give but not the most beneficial avenue for churches to receive. Most members would give to additional collections if made aware. myEoffering generates communication to allow each church the ability to customize their communication for second collections they may offer.

3.) Prayerful Contribution

When a family makes a decision to give electronically to their church, they take the time to evaluate their current financial situation and make a prayerful commitment to the church. The decision to give a certain amount is not festered from what is left if the billfold or pants pocket on Sunday morning. Statistics have shown an increase of 35% from membership giving electronically.

4.) Convenience

Electronic giving is not meant to be feared. It will not replace conventional offertory envelope giving any time soon. Remember, you can still mail an entire year of offering envelopes to homes 12 times per year for less than $3.00 per year. There is no reason to cut your nose off to spite your face. However, it is not in the best interest of the church community to create barriers or challenges to giving by asking membership to conform to a single means of contribution.

5.) Attracting the youth

Generation Y grew up with technology and rely on it to perform their jobs better. Armed with BlackBerrys, laptops, cellphones and other gadgets, Generation Y is plugged-in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This generation prefers to communicate through e-mail and text messaging rather than face-to-face contact and prefers webinars and online technology to traditional lecture-based presentations. Since technology is already a part of their daily lives, doesn't it make sense for the church to participate in providing them the ability to give through technology?


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