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1.) Maximum Security

Server Security Features include:

Best-of-breed equipment for routers, firewalls and servers keep you online

Full network redundancy

24/7 dedicated prevention systems ensure network perimeter remains secure

Full backup, restore and Disaster Recovery which includes:

Enterprise-class backup and restore technologies protecting your data

Full and incremental backups

Off-site retention

myEoffering Security

User credentials are utilizing the latest 256 bit encryption technologies

Parameterized queries to prevent SQL injection

Fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

SSL for secure data transmission

2.) Flexibility

Donors have the option of giving that best suits their lifestyle. Donors can opt to give one time a day to one time a year. For example, a donor may opt to give to the weekly collection once per week, the holiday collections once per year and the school tuition payment once per quarter. myEoffering provides donors unlimited possibilities to give.

3.) Pledge vs. Actual Giving

Donors have the ability to input a predetermined prayerful annual church pledge amount. myEoffering makes the process of establishing and tracking giving performance easy.

4.) Extensive Platform to Give

Understanding effective tithing methods and collection options churches select, myEoffering is designed to reach out to membership each time a second collection is required. Since financial institutions do not understand the church's collection schedule and collection needs, they simply provide the avenue to give but not the most beneficial avenue for churches to receive. Most members would give to additional collections if made aware. myEoffering generates communication to allow each church the ability to customize their communication for second collections they may offer.

5.) Initial and Ongoing Marketing

Initial Marketing Suite

Most church offices are not staffed with an effective marketing division and have limited electronic giving product and service knowledge. myEoffering has packaged a 7-step suite of marketing material to assist in getting the word out and to get donors to participate in the program. myEoffering has a comprehensive approach that packages 7 effective marketing solutions yet requires minimal effort from church staff.

Ongoing Marketing Approach

In most churches, the targeting participant is a donor that does not attend church regularly and the donor that simply prefers to pay their offerings electronically. To effectively communicate, educate and ultimately assist the irregular attendee, you need a company that understands how to get results. myEoffering understands that in order for an effort to become successful it requires a commitment. We have developed a 6-step program to incorporate in everyday life that is very effective and in most cases free. Once communication, education and opportunity is established for donors, a steady increase in participation begins to unfold.

6.) Cutting Edge Technology

Considering the method of electronic offerings at the church level is a relatively new concept, it is a great benefit for your electronic services to be administered by a company that has worked specifically with the Church income stream for 4 generations of family members. Much like our sister company, Church Budget Envelope and Mailing Company, whom provide offering envelopes using full color print for 35% less than that of any other supplier producing the same envelope in black and white print. If there is technology available that will allow for an improved method of giving, be obtained or developed for a reasonable price and benefit the Church community, you can be assured that technology will be made available to you for the least possible price.

7.) Reporting

We intentionally do not over complicate myEoffering. We have assisted enough transitions to have a complete understanding of what is important whether or not you have a clear understanding of those areas. Often times, a standalone electronic service will not allow for you to import electronic reporting data into your existing church management software. The inability for the data to imported, leads to a great deal of frustration and time. myEoffering will build you a bridge to merge your electronic reports into any leading CMS if you are not using our CMS. You do not want to be left manually entering data week after week month after month.


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