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Effective Introduction of myEoffering to your church

1.) First off, providing the electronic option to donors requires a level of knowledge for both leadership and donors. myEoffering was established with a clear understanding of The Church. This is why we feel our electronic contribution service is far more advanced when it relates to participation and marketing the service.

2.) The staff at myEoffering will schedule and deliver a personal conference call, webinar or mass email to effectively communicate the advantages and address consistent concerns raised by apprehensive church leadership.

3.) myEoffering has created an unprecedented multi-stage package to market to your donors the ability to give electronically

    a.     No Charge…Bulletin Insert

    b.     Postage Only…Separate Mailing

            b.i.     (inc. 8 ½ x 11" intro letter, #10 business envelope, optional application)

    c.     No Charge…Sign-Up card

            c.i.     Optionally inserted in with offertory envelopes)

    d.     No Charge…Pulpit Dialog

    e.     No Charge…Mass Communication

            e.i.     Email, Text or Phone Call

    f.     No Charge…2nd collection electronic alert

    *Note:  Shipping charges may apply

4.) No other electronic giving provider understands Church giving or donor trends like myEoffering. We have the ability to effectively communicate with donors while they continue to use their offering envelopes like myEoffering.

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Increase Usage

1.) The trend in electronic giving is to generate a steady increase in participation soon after the introduction of the electronic giving service. After the initial draw, there is a substantial decrease in participation because most donors do not pay their bills online or purchasing items electronically. There is an understandable sense of fear for more seasoned donors. This is where myEofffering separates itself in the world of electronic contributions.

2.) Most donors are reluctant to give electronically because of the lack of information available, however once there is a full understanding of the benefits and convenience we see donor participation skyrocket.

3.) Our services also include an offering envelope company that started in 1917 with the reputation of providing the finest quality for the least cost to The Church. Not only do we understand giving, we understand office staff, stewardship, church management software, church growth software, Building & Capital Campaigns and printing and mailing services.

4.) Maybe not today, but eventually the value of a Church electronic contribution service provider will depend on how effective they are in generating increased participation. Realizing there are many services that can provide a solution, we encourage you to evaluate and make a discerning consideration as to who best will maximize their efforts to successfully fulfill your electronic contribution goals.

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Marketing Packages Available

List A-F listed above. Aside from the most competitive price, myEoffering has the most comprehensive marketing package available. The software and technology used to drive these products have been created by our developers in house giving you the flexibility to maximize your efforts to communicate and ultimately engage your donors. myEoffering solely provides electronic contributions to The Church. We only specialize in providing electronic services to The Church.

We look forward to assisting you in developing a comprehensive giving platform for your donors.

Pledge vs. Actual

If a donor is made aware of his/her commitment to The Church, they are much more likely to maintain and fulfill their financial obligation. How many times do we see donors miss service or Mass and never make an effort to fulfill their weekly contribution? Too many times!
myEoffering has a solution!

A consistent irritation in most church offices is the inability to be able to quickly identify whether a donor is behind, ahead (rarely) or on track with maintaining their annual pledge amount. myEoffering has an optional service available whereas donors may be notified as to their pledge amount, remaining balance and average gift amount required to maintain their pledge.

This service is also made available in print form through Total Church Solutions and ParishSupport Church Softwares.

Second Collection Electronic Alert

What is our "fixed costs"? What is our "Discretionary Spending"? What can we afford? These are just a few of the prayerful thoughts and questions a donor may ask when evaluating what they are comfortable contributing weekly or monthly to The Church. Donors then make a commitment and sign up for the monies to be debited from their checking/savings account or be delayed payment onto a credit card. Often times, donors then assume their financial stewardship is complete. myEoffering posses the tools to reach out to those donors and present the option to give to second collections that are being offered by The Church. Churches using the electronic 2nd collection alerts are seeing significant increases in second collection giving.

This service is also made available only for any number of occasions you would like to emphasize like Easter, Christmas, Monthly Building Fund or Monthly Capital Campaign.

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