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1.) Online Electronic Giving – Accepting Offerings Online

A staff member from myEoffering will email the application to the church administrator. Once the application is completed and returned, the church administrator will receive an email with instructions to login and setup your church's account. Once the church setup is complete, members can create accounts and join your church. Offerings can then be made to whatever funds they desire using whatever payment options they opt to offer. Members may log on at anytime to make a contribution, revise their giving profile or view their personal giving history all with no assistance from church staff.

2.) Electronic Giving Methods

Every church has the ability to customize the giving options offered to members. A clear understanding of these options will help in choosing which (often times all) options best fit your members.

Direct Debit Giving (ACH)

This form of giving is used to automatically transfer funds from a member's checking account to the church bank account via the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network. This form of offering is sometimes referred to as EFT, Direct Deposit, Direct Debit, Direct Payment or ACH. A large percentage of people already receive their paycheck or Social Security income via ACH and an even larger percentage of people pay their mortgage, utility bills and other monthly bills using ACH.

Credit Card Giving

This method of giving allows members to make their offerings with a credit or debit card. Whether for the convenience or the reward plans available, an increasing number of American families responsibly manage their monthly finances using debit or credit cards.


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